About Me

This page reads a lot more like  CV than a personal website, so unless you’re reading this with a professional head, you may want to avoid, due to its horrifically self-obsessed style. To see more personal stuff, check the blog instead. You have been warned.

I’m Michael Passingham, an aspiring radio professional. Currently I work as a senior editor on the Siren FM media show New Wave. I have previously worked as a presenter on the show in late 2010 and early 2011, as well as a co-presenter on the former Arts Show for the station in 2010.

In addition to this, I have produced, edited and directed several radio features played on the station, and a radio drama to boot. Radio is one of my great passions, which is helpful when you’re looking to climb the ladder in the industry.

In 2010, I was accepted into a BBC Lincolnshire work placement, which involved plenty of early-morning-rising-tea-making-phone-answering-researching-coffee-making-vox-popping action. I helped out on the Breakfast Show for the majority of my time, but spent the final week as a mercenary, helping out various parts of the station including Web and BBC Introducing production.

Between 2007 and 2009, I was a regular commentator for online motorsport simulation game Live for Speed. An example of some of my commentary can be found in this video made by me, or this thrilling video made by David Novak

I have a lot of experience when it comes to conducting interviews – I pride myself on the fact that I can deviate from a list of questions and pursue a new line of enquiry depending on the answers that have been given. This is something I often feel is missing from some radio interviews, which is why I make it one of my top priorities during live or pre-recorded interviews.

I am technically-proficient in many areas, including efficient and creative audio editing, audio and video logging, setting up studios for live shows, script and cue writing and of course the crucial production of hot beverages. In addition to this, I have computer skills ranging from word processing and spreadsheet management to audio and video editing software, as well as using playout systems such as Myriad. I am a very quick learner and have excellent intuition when it comes to new software. In addition to all of that, I have a strong knowledge of  traditional and social media, and keep a close eye on the industry to spot trends and potential pitfalls. And I can use a kettle, as previously mentioned.

That’s me in five paragraphs, I hope you know a bit more about than you did previously. Any questions? Contact me.