One Hour in Lincoln

Twitter can be an exciting place, where news is broken and interests are shared and expanded upon. Insightful conversations are had between millions of brilliant, bright and funny Twitter users.

They are the 1%.

Here’s one hour of Tweets sent from the city in which I live: Lincoln. The following takes place between 1300 and 1400 on Monday January 28th 2013.

1300 – Our hour starts off in dramatic fashion. Victoria has been in some trouble with the Twitter police, and wants to make sure everybody can see one of her 15,000 tweets.

She goes on to say that she’s been suspended recently for going over her tweet limit. Just for clarity, you have to tweet A LOT of shit to activate Twitter’s tweet limit controls. Busy day.

1301 – Roxy is having a fruit-based epiphany.

1303 – Callum has seen things that nobody should ever see.

1303 – Amy was ravenous. Now she’s just covered in food.

1306 – Out of context, this is odd. Even with context, it’s not particularly fantastic.

1307 –  Unsalted, I assume…

1312 – This one’s going to be included in a blog post entitled ‘how to attract women’

1316 – I decide that this tweet makes me want to throw up. Throwing up is a decision.

1318 – No retweets, no replies.


1321 – Do you really need to make this mistake in order to learn from it?

1327 – How’s that £9k per year holding up?

1329 – Laundry: one of life’s great social occasions.

1333 – Again. £9k per year.

1340- Lambert is in the wrong timezone. Or he’s just making a general statement.

1349 – Despite how it may appear, this tweet is by itself and has no context. WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO HER?

1351 – I’m glad this hour is almost over…

1352 – Paradox?

1358 – We’ll end this hour with some witty banter.

I’m as guilty as most with sending inane tweets, but I felt it was worth highlighting that Twitter is absolutely full of it, and you shouldn’t have to stand for it. Unfollow those who bore you, and ignore the ‘etiquette’ which requires you to ‘follow back’. It’s nonsense. Follow those you find interesting and inspirational – ditch the rest.


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