BBC using New Live Video Player for Olympics – and it’s very good

After After the beginning of June, I began to miss the daily football treat that was the Euro 2012 tournament. Luckily, for the next two weeks there will be plenty of football to watch, with the 16-team Olympic football tournament taking place.

As far as I can tell, the BBC is using 20+ separate online and Digital TV channels to show every moment of every Olympic event. With this has come the induction of a new live video player. I’ve made a quick video tour to show you the features.

Overall, very impressive stuff from the BBC. Now they need to add the same functionality to their iPlayer catch-up service and we’ll be looking at a superb digital offering from what has previously been a bloated and uninviting set of BBC online services – but it seems they’re finally getting the hang of the web with many website redesigns currently being enacted (see for a great example of their latest online offerings).


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